Born May 25, 2005, in Palm Beach County, Florida, Jett James Pruitt is an award-winning speaker, student, author, political strategist, and Founder/Editor-In-Chief of the political blog,


Raised by a single Native American/Hispanic mother in New York City, Jett was diagnosed with “moderate to severe autism” at the age of two, and was completely non-verbal until the age of four. After numerous early intervention programs and holistic treatments, Jett shocked the medical community with his recovery, and formally lost his Autism diagnosis by the age of six. 


His unique interest in politics began at the age of nine, blossoming with the 2016 presidential election. At the age of 14, he founded the political news website The Gen Z Post and became one of the U.S. Press Association’s youngest members in history. 


His very first book, THROUGH THE EYES OF A YOUNG AMERICAN, was written when Jett was only fourteen years old and published by Vanderbilt Publishing in June 2020.

Called one of the "Best Books of 2020" by, his stellar debut is a powerful commentary on today’s political landscape, and offers ways to resolve our nation’s biggest challenges with health care, taxation, social security, trade, tariffs, protectionism, automation, climate change, education, debt forgiveness, wealth inequality, labor, welfare, wages, military spending, border security, universal basic income, capitalism, entrepreneurship, abortion, gun violence, child sex trafficking, racism, and the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic.


Today, Jett enjoys living with his parents close to the ocean in Palm Beach, Florida. He is a tribal member of the United Confederation of Taino People (UCTP), the Native American Journalists Association, Student Government, and National Model United Nations Team. He maintains excellent grades while attending virtual high school, and looks forward to publishing more political books, attending college and law school, and ultimately working in Washington, D.C. in the areas of politics, justice, and journalism.

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